A warm welcome from Global Indian School

Grades 1 to 5:Primary Section

Each day at Global Indian School Ajman is a step toward teaching children how to become effective and independent learners for the rest of their lives.

The Primary level of schooling is for children from age 6 to 11. Our curriculum is based on the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of India.

Through involving our young learners, the curriculum can be made more interesting, exciting, and purposeful for each child. In order to help kids analyze, evaluate, and synthesize material at a higher level, carefully selected concepts are added to each year group, which further improves the program.

The primary learning opportunities are made to:

  • Hone critical-thinking abilities
  • Elicit emotional intelligence
  • Encourage taking risks
  • Bolster confidence.
  • Acquire leadership abilities
  • Spark the imagination

The teaching of Arabic, ICT, physical education, music (grades 1 and 2), and Islamic education further enhances the core curriculum. Additionally, there are well-equipped labs available to kids, which support and develop learning abilities.

Activities take place in school. Sports, music, science, and the arts are always included in our programs, and we involve the students in coming up with new ideas so that everyone can explore their passions.

Activities change termly which includes drama, craft work, stitching , painting , clay modelling , competitions , Exhibitions and even includes Junior sport teams , SDG club and our school radio.

The environment for learning is abundant for children at Global Indian School Ajman. It is full of stimulating activities, imaginative hooks, and lasting memories which are all intended to foster a lifelong love of learning.