A warm welcome from Global Indian School


GIS has designed its curriculum to empower the learners and create their future. Primarily, we offer the CBSE curriculum however, we also incorporate the goals, values and the rich national influence of the UAE. This results in students being offered a modern, exciting, and educationally advanced curriculum. a vibrant & creative learning environment. We also practice and encourage a healthy & friendly environment for inclusive learning across all categories.


At this stage, the learning goals seek to encourage the holistic development of internationally-minded learners. Rigorous and deep learning is represented under the categories of knowledge, skills and understanding through enquiry, research and problem-solving learning. Lab facilities provide a platform for experiential learning.

Benchmark examinations viz.Asset,CAT4,Ignited Minds Lab give an insightful exposure to the young minds.

Opportunities to experience and practice individual qualities and dispositions like resilience, morality, communications, thoughtfulness, respect and adaptability are built in the learning tasks within the curriculum.

Core subjects at this stage consist of:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Moral Social & Cultural Studies
  • Arabic (Beginners Level)
  • Arabic (Regular)
  • Islamic Education (for Muslim students)
  • Computer Science or Information Communication Technology
  • Physical Education