A warm welcome from Global Indian School

Mr. T. Mohanachandran
Chairman, Global Indian School, Ajman

I consider Dr. S. Radhakrishnan as one of the greatest teachers. His words of wisdom are exemplary. Probably that is the reason why I have used a few of his thoughts to create the philosophy of Global Indian School, Ajman. The vision, mission and values are by products of those thoughts. 

Knowledge and Love, these are two things we are trying to shower on children. Both these go hand in hand.

We learn every day. It never stops. Trying to improve upon systems and practices keeps us on toe always. This coming year we want to give students of Grade 11 to choose a free Elective Project besides their normal syllabus projects. This project of their own choice is to motivate them to do research to find solutions. It will help them with opportunities to analyze and discover information on topics of their own interest.

Our teachers continuously try to make the children to think for themselves. As the times are changing and future careers are evolving on a fast pace, career counseling becomes a crucial part of the school. Besides the counselor the students themselves have to think seriously on the subjects they are good at and the skills they require to succeed in their careers and correlate them. 

We want our students to be free and creative and the atmosphere we have in the school is exactly for that purpose. There are no barriers in our school. Students and parents have the freedom to approach teachers, supervisors and management without hesitation. 

We want to provide high-quality education at an affordable cost.